The most important capital of 4K Plastic is human resources and our aim is to grow this family with co-workers who can think strategically, fast, who are daring and responsible.

  1. Ensuring that human resources are used the most effectively and productively, guide the production and management power towards company targets, developing the personal and team performances with a reformative period and systems for quality,
  2. Appointing personnel qualified for the essence of the work, providing opportunities for employees to grow and develop according to their talents and competence, carrying out  internal and abroad training programs within the scope of the determined plan,
  3. Supervising opportunity equality within the organization for promotions and allocations, making management allocations from within the company as much as possible, make a point of raising personnel from the inside for higher ranks in the company,
  4. Informing personnel about subjects of interest on time, giving them the opportunity to easily state their views and thoughts to upper management and providing the necessary communication methods,
  5. Encouraging the personnel, and making an effort to create a working environment which will make them happy and having good relationships amongst the personnel,
  6. Determining the personnel wages according to objective criterion and work evaluation system, applying fair and sufficient wage policies within the scope of the company and sector conditions,
  7. Evaluating successful personnel within the scope of the possibilities.