Since the day 4K PLASTIC TRADE LTD. CO. was founded, it has been our target to follow technological developments, adopting the policy of “Customer-Oriented” and “Continuous Improvement” and presenting products which will increase customer satisfaction. With this purpose, the R&D Department was founded in the year 2005 to determine the products which will be designed/developed, to plan, carry out, confirm and validate all activities from the market to the customer.

In all of the designing and development activities, as a first step, close follow up of the client demands and developments in the sector are made, and as a result of the examinations, all needs are determined for consumer needs and technological developments in order to create differences in the product design.

Within the R&D studies, the quality of the available types of equipment and their improvements is crucial. By continuously evaluating the types of equipment in the system, we always investigate the alternatives, which will provide a significant contribution and convey the information to relevant departments.

One of the important targets of our company is to join scientific studies and make our name and Turkey shine in the plastic sector all over Europe and the world and thus making a contribution to our country by discovering innovations and discoveries and becoming an exemplary firm in this subject.