In accordance with the vision of 4K PLASTIC, we must produce products by using advanced technology, meet the customers’ expectations and carry them forward with quality, economic, trustable and environmentally friendly products.

We must develop continuously and grow in the target market by making differences.

We must support innovative and creative efforts and increase our customer, employee and work partners’ loyalty in the long term by carrying out training activities. Our main principle is to produce our goods in accordance with standards and raise our product/service quality above the expectation of our clients.

  •  Our purpose is to respond entirely to the expectations of our clients and raise the competition and development power of our firm.
  • Management determines the targets and plans the application and development of quality policies and provides the necessary support. “QUALITY” is a lifestyle. “QUALITY” is designed, produced, controlled and developed. “QUALITY” is obtained and maintained with the voluntary support and sense of responsibility of all employees. We work to reach the company and unit targets with a team spirit.
  • Our targets in the fields of R&D and Product Development; designing effective products for customer satisfaction and competition by continuously developing our knowledge and creativity.
  •  Our target in production is “Right at the First Try” and “Zero Mistakes”. The complete, problem-free and on-time production of our goods is an indispensable principle.
  •  Timely and perfect Technical Support and Delivery Service is an essential part of our understanding of “QUALITY”.
  • •By means of promotion, training, and supervision we enable our work partners, suppliers, and auxiliary industrialists to join our quality process and we try to make the whole work period more effective and productive.