• That unity;
  • It will make a difference with an understanding of customer expectations of excellence focused on producing high-quality and reliable products,
  • The expectations of all our stakeholders and to optimize the effective use of resources,
  • Increase the competitive strength of continuous improvement by providing that,
  • It is to fulfill our responsibilities to society and the environment.


  • To become one of the leading companies in the plastics industry,
  • Widespread and effective use of management systems, work is to be active in the region, aims to become a leader in the services it provides. Long-term strategies to achieve this goal, our target is as follows:
  • Operating methods, technology, productivity and continuously improve our performance,
  • Differentiation and innovation to improve competitiveness edebilirliğimizi that use our services,
  • Strategic partnerships and learning in different fields to have a voice and ortaklılardan always go forward.
  • Radial technology, it is an important world market “brand”


  • ” People deserve good things in it “with a sense of customer-focused work.
  • That employees are our most valuable assets.
  • Learning, we believe in the continuity of improvement and change.
  • That our operations, data-driven, process-oriented management approach is pursued.
  • Management clear, consistent and accessible adopt and implement the concept of leadership.
  • We give importance to Group-oriented activities.


  • Adopting and implementing exemplary leadership in the pursuit of common goals,
  • Results that will satisfy all stakeholders, which
  • That creates sustainable customer value,
  • Organization-dependent and associated with each other, a number of the systems, processes and manages the data,
  • With the participation of the employee’s contribution and maximize their development,
  • Not satisfied with the current situation, using the exchange performs learning to create innovation and improvement opportunities,
  • The development and maintenance of partnerships that provide value-added,
  • A high level of transparency and accountability, as he adopts an ethical approach to dealing with the expectations of society to understand and to respond to them, want to be recognized as a company.


  • That our employees healthy, safe and clean work environment.
  • That polluting the environment, aim to reduce and eliminate scrap and waste rates.
  • Occupational health, safety, environmental and quality we use technology to meet our expectations.
  • Taking into account the environmental impacts that have the risk of pollution and health benefit from raw material sources.
  • It seeks to use global resources effectively.
  • Against potential hazards that we are always prepared.
  • To meet the current and future expectations of our customers at the highest level that, environmentally compatible products, designs, manufactures and acknowledged.
  • The employees’ active, constructive and creative participation and occupational health, occupational safety, environmental and quality systems ensure continuous improvement and development.


  • Products that our customers’ needs “social responsibility” to requests by producing an appropriate and timely manner, to ensure Customer Satisfaction. In accordance with the Total Quality concept “Customer quality, price and timely delivery will give confidence, the guarantee of our future.” Our products are continually improving the quality of employees, suppliers and customers to create an environment of trust between.